Beautiful santorini travel

Santorini is famous for its blue-domed buildings. However, the island is also famous for its beaches that are no less interesting to visit.

Each beach there offers tourist activities that are each quite different. So, what are these beaches?

The following is a list of four beaches in Santorini that tourists can visit while on vacation to Greece which we have summarized from various sources,

Pori Beach

Unlike other beaches, Pori Beach is famous for its small harbor filled with fishing boats, as well as its calm atmosphere.

This beach is highly recommended for strong swimmers. After playing on the beach, tourists can stop by some fish shops near the beach.

If you want to enjoy the view, visitors can simply go to the hillside which is filled with a series of traditional windmills.

Paradisos Beach

Tourists who vacation in Santorini with family are highly recommended to visit Paradisos Beach, also known as Baxedes Beach.

Santorini’s unusually shallow water makes it quite safe for beach activities. In addition, there are also several restaurants, bars, canteens, as well as sun loungers and umbrellas that can be rented.

In addition, Paradisos Beach is also decorated by a stretch of black sand which makes it look quite unique.

Perissa Beach

This beach is located on the slopes of Mount Mesa Vouno. Just like Paradisos Beach, this beach also has a stretch of black sand.

Perissa Beach is one of the longest and most famous beaches in Santorini. While swimming, tourists can enjoy the view of the volcano.

For tourists who want to visit a really clean beach, Perissa Beach is the right choice because the beach has received a Blue Flag award.

Besides swimming leisurely, brave visitors can dive in two dive spots that have been provided by the beach manager.

There are also other water sports activities such as wind surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, canoeing, or banana boating.

Perivolos Beach

For nightlife lovers, Perivolos Beach is the right choice to visit while in Santorini.

Because, the beach has a number of bars that offer a wide selection of delicious drinks.

The bars also often play songs throughout the day which make the experience of visiting Perivolos Beach even more interesting.

Just like Paradisos Beach and Perissa Beach, this beach also has black sand.

There, tourists can take part in volleyball tournaments, or just swim while enjoying DJ performances on the beach.

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