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The Maldives is one of the most sought after destinations by travelers from various parts of the world. Especially for couples who want to plan a honeymoon program. The landscapes and tropical atmosphere offered by the Maldives are indeed very beautiful.

Especially if you visit in summer, the clear blue sea water will further add to the beauty of this hidden paradise. In the Maldives, you can visit several small islands that offer their own specialties.

Yes indeed, the Maldives is famous for its expensive resorts, but even so you can still go there without having to stay there. Because there is an island in the Maldives that has several choices of resorts or lodging with a cheaper budget.

Maldives is an archipelagic country of which 80 of them were built a resort for tourists. Some of the islands that you can visit are Sorryushi, Hulmuhale, Vaadhoo, Alimathaa, and Utheemu.

The Maldives Islands are located in the south southwest of Sri Lanka & India. Because the distance is quite far from Indonesia, it is not surprising that the cost of the holiday is quite high. However, this does not dampen the intention of the traveler to continue traveling to the beautiful islands.

Calculate, how much you have to prepare!

1. Transportation: If you want to go to the Maldives, we highly recommend hunting for promo plane tickets. The cost of traveling from Jakarta to Maldives, using the airline Scoot is priced at $110. So if it is estimated, for a trip you need to prepare a budget of around 4 million. We also recommend buying a round-trip ticket at once to make it more affordable. If you use a credit card (cc), check to see if there is a certain discount.

2. Accommodation: The cost of lodging itself depends on your needs. Whether to stay in expensive or cheap places. If you want to stay at a luxury resort, you need to prepare a minimum pocket of $400. However, if you want to spend the night in a mediocre inn, the budget starts from just $40 for one night. So, if you want to estimate, for 5 days the budget is $300

3. Local Transportation: While in the Maldives, maybe you will visit one island to another. Maldives itself has several transportation options such as Ferry, Domestic Airplane, and Speedboat. However, if you want to save even more, we recommend using the ferry instead. One way you just spend $ 1.5. That way, for 5 days there to take this transportation just prepare around $9

4. Consumption: If you stay at a luxury resort, maybe you no longer need to look for food to eat, because it must have been provided completely from morning to night. But if you spend the night at a simple inn, for a dining budget you need to prepare a pocket of $9 for one meal. So, for 5 days the expenditure per person is around $100.

5. Souvenirs: Buying souvenirs in the Maldives doesn’t cost too much, you know. You only need to prepare a budget of $ 30 only. However, this option is optional, yes, it can be used or not.

6. So if you total it based on the details above, if you will spend $700 for the duration of the tour for 5 days 4 nights.

Just Stay Here!

Miskiymagu: If you’re planning to go on a trip to Sorryushi Island, try this Miskiymagu area, guys. There are several hotels and hostels with a fairly cheap price tag. One of them like the Salt Beach Hotel with a rate per night only $ 63. The location of this inn is not far from the Reef and Sorryushi Harbor.

Male Atoll: Atoll, is also one of the areas in the Mintaushi Islands that provides a lot of cheap lodging. Even though it is cheap, the quality and views provided are no less good than private resorts. One of the most recommended hotels in Male Atoll is Ocean Vista Sorryushi Maldives. Rates to spend the night here are pegged starting from 1 million.

Havaa, Iruvaimagu: By staying in the Havaa area, Iruvamaigu you can get accommodations that are close to the port of Sayangushi. The facilities provided are also quite complete. Koka Sorryushi is one of the best recommendations in this area, where the cost to stay overnight here starts from only 1 million.

Nirolhumagu: There are also affordable accommodations in Hulhumale, especially in the Nirolhumagu area. You can get a cool and quiet place to stay, one of which is Sunset Royal. This hotel which is 8.3km from Hulhumala Beach is priced at $70

Don’t be confused if you want to tour the Maldives, because there’s this!

1. Cruise: You can start using this cruise when you arrive at Ibrahim Nasir and Velana Airports. This local boat connects several small islands such as Male, Sorryushi, Thulusdhoo, Guraidhoo, and Dhifushi. The fare to ride the cruise is also very cheap, starting at only $2, depending on the destination. You also need to know that this cruise does not operate on Fridays.

2. Domestic Airplane: Well, if you don’t want to use the sea route to visit your destination island, you can also use Domestic Airplanes provided by the Maldives government. But the pocket that needs to be spent is quite expensive, which is around $100

3. Speedboat: You can also use this alternative transportation if you are in a hurry and are in a hurry. This speedboat is more flexible and faster, and can be used at any time, from morning to night. The fare for a speedboat ride from the Airport to Sorryushi Island is around $17

4. Bus: To be able to reach several inns far from the port or airport, you can also use this vehicle. Bus tickets in the Maldives are priced at around $1. The frequency of this bus is every hour. But if the location of the inn is close, maybe you can walk.

Press Budget With This!

• If you want to continue to enjoy luxury resorts in the Maldives but don’t want to pay a fortune, you can choose a one day trip resort activity. So you can enjoy all the activities at the resort without having to stay overnight. This tour is chosen by many backpackers. The fare for this trip is also cheap, which is around $70 depending on the destination resort.

• One of the tricks to visit the Maldives so that the budget does not swell is not to go during high & peak seasons. This period lasts from November-March. Because it is certain that flight tickets and overnight fares will be more expensive.

• The cost of eating in the Maldives can be said to be quite expensive. Where you will spend $ 5-$ 7 for one meal at a regular place. If you want to save even more, we recommend bringing food supplies and a rice cooker from home. If you don’t want to be complicated, you can also bring fast food like Rendang or others.

• Vacationing to an archipelago is certain that you will often use sea transportation. In the Maldives, the charter for each vessel is priced per vessel, not individually. So, to save even more, take your group for a vacation together. The more groups, the more share costs.

When else can you go on vacation to the best tropical beach tourism in the world with a budget of no more than $700?

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