Trip of Wonders: Heavenly Raja Ampat

It is no exaggeration if Raja Ampat is a dreamland whose beauty is undeniable. Consisting of more than 1500 islands not far from Sorong, the Raja Ampat Islands offer otherworldly views of steep and lush jungle-covered islands, serene white sand beaches, precious lagoons and clear turquoise waters. So lucky for our influencers that they are invited to enjoy this paradise. Now, it’s your turn to follow in their footsteps and catch a glimpse of the amazing wonders of Raja Ampat!


Pulau Mansuar

A favorite place to visit during your trip to Raja Ampat is definitely the beautiful Pulau Mansuar. How not with the many colorful coral reefs that you can admire at the many dive sites? Filled with a peaceful atmosphere among the lush trees or exploring the mysteries of the underwater world beneath, this island is

With its crystal clear blue waters, you will have a great opportunity to spot a variety of marine life that will welcome you during an adventurous snorkeling or diving trip. The underwater world of Raja Ampat is so beautiful that colorful corals can even be seen from a depth of 10 meters and the deeper you dive, the more unique the environment becomes. In short, it doesn’t matter if you are just learning to dive or are an expert, you will find beauty in your underwater journey!

Pasir Timbul

Pasir Timbul is a small collection of calm sand in the middle of the sea and only appears when the sea water recedes. This spot is one of the favorite spots to take instagrammable photos. Our Trip of Wonders influencers were excited to enjoy this peaceful setting in Pasir Timbul and snap some epic photos to remember. Pasir Timbul is blessed with a beautiful backdrop of clear water, blue skies and white sandy beaches. The perfect holiday shot indeed!


Snorkeling di Friwen

You will truly believe that heaven is a place on earth when you visit this tiny island in the South Waigeo District, known as the heavenly Friwen. Praised for its nautical beauty and acclaimed by many travelers who have visited the island, Friwen is known as one of the best snorkeling spots in Raja Ampat. Not only does it have very clear visibility, the ocean currents near the walls are usually calm so you can swim comfortably.

Here, you can dive into very pristine and healthy coral reefs and meet various types of fish. Apart from that, the island is also perfect for underwater photography. Trip of Wonders influencers are excited to visit a place known for its beautiful underwater beauty and peaceful seaside. Friwen Beach has stunning blue and pearl white beaches, with several food stalls you can head to for a healthy lunch and fresh coconut! The warm island life is even more heartwarming with children playing and giggling by the beach.

Teluk Kabui

Located on Waigeo Island not too far from Raja Ampat’s capital, Waisai, in Kabui Bay you can get a good look at the clear turquoise water, filled with vibrant coral reefs. The rock formations around there are filled with rich greenery which is sure to be a pleasure to see. Some can even be climbed by stairs, so you can really enjoy the beauty of the captivating bay from a height.

Batu Pensil

Right around Kabui Bay, you can see the majesty of the giant rock formations that stand above the pristine waters of the bay. Named Batu Pensil, which literally means ‘pencil rock’, these rock formations are actually not very pencil-like. Due to the weather and climate, its original form has changed a lot since its discovery. Like other coral islands in Kabui Bay, Batu Pencil has also been included in the World Geopark Site.



Mostly working as fishermen and traditional farmers, the indigenous people of West Papua still lead traditional lives and eat traditionally prepared food. The staple food is rice, sago, taro root and kau kau accompanied by seafood and various other types of meat and vegetables. One of the most popular dishes that you can find in Raja Ampat is Papeda which is one of the delicious traditional foods. Made from basic ingredients of sago flour and is very popular among coastal communities so it can be found easily in Raja Ampat. This sago flour is then doused with hot water and stirred until it becomes thick like glue. This is then usually accompanied by a fish dish which is cooked with a yellow spice or sour taste and is even sometimes added with chili which will enhance the flavour.

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